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College Student. Sometimes dancer. Aspiring fashion journalist and everyday style enthusiast. I started my blog back in 2010 on a whim, and now it has grown into the visual representation of the power that I believe fashion can have. It's not about having clothes it's about what you do with them, what you wear says who you are. Fashion is transformative, and a chic bag or outfit puts a smile on my face as much as a good book on a rainy day. My blog is about dressing the undergrad and young professional, because so little markets cater to our style. You've officially been accepted into The Undergrad Style File. For collaborations and other inquiries email me at My style in three words... chic.eclectic.classic

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Keeping It Classy: Sassy Short-shorts

Keeping It Classy: Sassy Short-shorts
Hey, undergrads and young fashionable ones. On this week's post I'm tackling the dreaded short-short. It comes in denim and all colors of the rainbow. On smaller frames they can be chic and showcase a good set of gams, but if you're like most of the population, you're body is home to a little more curve. It seems that the most popular stores forget that not everyone wants a short-short in the summer heat. So what do you do when the barely-there bottoms are all you can find? In the above outfit, I've taken a classically short, denim-short and turned it from too-much-cheek to street chic. I chose a black denim pair of shorts, almost everything looks chic when it's the color black. Add a blush pink, layered tank with a matching blush thong sandal. Top it off with some dual-toned small drop earrings and an owl necklace. I have a thing for owl jewelry. Don't judge me. And there you have another tacky fashion-faux paus transformed into a classy get-up. Don't forget the classic cat-eye sunnies. :)

xoxo Tiff


  1. I've always noticed when ladies pair anything above the knee, whether skirts or short shorts with a pump or high heel things can start to look a little skimpy lol do you think there is a way to avoid the skimpiness but still be able to wear you pumps/high heals with your favorite short shorts or skirt?

  2. Of course. You can always opt for a longer top to balance it out. Or try a Bermuda short or maxi skirt if you want more coverage :)

  3. I don't mean to be rude, but I think sexy legs look ever the more glamorous if complemented by jet-black thong sandals with ultra-thick soles.

    1. Not rude at all, if that is what works for you then you should certainly stick to it. It's just that for the look above a blush/ or nude sandal will extend the line of the long helping them appear even longer. Although a thicker sole, or heel does do this as well