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College Student. Sometimes dancer. Aspiring fashion journalist and everyday style enthusiast. I started my blog back in 2010 on a whim, and now it has grown into the visual representation of the power that I believe fashion can have. It's not about having clothes it's about what you do with them, what you wear says who you are. Fashion is transformative, and a chic bag or outfit puts a smile on my face as much as a good book on a rainy day. My blog is about dressing the undergrad and young professional, because so little markets cater to our style. You've officially been accepted into The Undergrad Style File. For collaborations and other inquiries email me at My style in three words... chic.eclectic.classic

Sunday, April 28, 2013

You Give Me Butterflies

Take an asymmetrical butterfly printed skirt, and add a good friend and what do you have?
An awesome Spring afternoon, on a Saturday. As a homage to all things Spring, I paired a simple rayon, cross-back, black tank and a sheer butterfly printed hi-low skirt. I love the breeziness of this outfit, and hi-low skirts are effortlessly chic. They've become a part of my Spring uniform, now to find the ever illusive sheer maxi skirt. ;). One more week to go, and then its Summer, or at least for us college students. Stay tuned for the summer series of xoxoFierce&Luxe.

xoxo Tiff

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Mystery Behind the Mask

This past weekend was the grand event I've been helping plan all year...spring formal!!! It was a huge success, 120 students, including yours truly. We set sail on the Delaware River on the three-tiered Ben Franklin Yacht, for a night of music, food, and some really good cake :).

But now what you all came here for, the fashion of course. It was a masquerade, which I jumped at of course, so I decided to go all old Hollywood mystery for this one. I chose an elegant, and spring-inspired lilac gown, deep purple colored heels  pictured here,
Lilac Halter Top Gown (25$ Burlington Coat Factory)
 and a lace mask from Amazon, because I do not have the gift of craftiness, so I opted to buy one pictured here .
Black Semi-Transparent Mask

The Classic Duck-face
 Another note-worthy look of the night is my friend Cierra's dress. She paired an aqua green satin dress of her design with a simple black shoe, and completed the look with sparkly accessories. Clearly we belonged in the 1930's that night. Happy Fashion!