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College Student. Sometimes dancer. Aspiring fashion journalist and everyday style enthusiast. I started my blog back in 2010 on a whim, and now it has grown into the visual representation of the power that I believe fashion can have. It's not about having clothes it's about what you do with them, what you wear says who you are. Fashion is transformative, and a chic bag or outfit puts a smile on my face as much as a good book on a rainy day. My blog is about dressing the undergrad and young professional, because so little markets cater to our style. You've officially been accepted into The Undergrad Style File. For collaborations and other inquiries email me at My style in three words... chic.eclectic.classic

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Sartorial Hiatus

Hey undergrads, I've been taking a sort of sartorial hiatus. I've been readjusting to campus life and adjusting to all my classes. Junior year! Woo!. Okay enough of that. Between program planning as a resident assistant and mentally filing away the latest fall trends, I have done a survey of my closet. I have a few pieces that will be up on my profile on Threadflip ( seen here). Think of it as an extension of my blog and personal style, just passing fierce fashion along. There are also several exciting projects coming up here at The Undergrad Style File. Such as a my dorm room re-do, fall haul, and special guest feature ;). In the meantime, here's what I have been wearing...