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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Feature: Mary Jane's Closet

So I'm starting a new post series here at The Undergrad Style File, called The Sunday Feature. Every Sunday I will featuring any and everything style-related that has struck my interest. Up this week is Mary Jane's Closet, it's co-founder Jasmine Anderson, who I went to middle-school with gave me some insight into the brand and its inspiration.

Founders: Jasmine Anderson & Khadijah Hope Moore

Where did the inspiration come from? : "The idea started in high school, where I had a epiphany to make thrifting more modern. I myself like to thrift shop, but I know many people who dread searching through piles of others' clothing."- Jasmine Anderson

What is Mary Jane's Closet?: Mary Jane's Closet is an online consignment shop that provides vintage, stylish, and thrifty trends for below $25. We also do reconstruction, where we add our own twist to styles."-Jasmine Anderson

What kind of events have you done?:"Last year, we held our first fashion show, collaborating with Philly Frocks, entitled Flash Fashion. It was held right outside on Broad & Chestnut, with about 25+ models, 3 different scenes. We anticipate to have another one this year! We have been established for a little more than a year. "-Jasmine Anderson

Check out the pieces I ordered below: The skirt was oversized on me, so I have plans to take in the waist and belt it. The purse was recently featured in my post seen here. Mary Jane's Closet is not your mother's thrift, it captures urban expression with a modern take on vintage pieces, and as vintage/thrift lover, I love the blend of new and old style influences. Don't forget to check it out !

Geometric-Print Maxi Skirt ($5.00)

Color-blocked leather purse ($4.00)


  1. Can't wait for this year's flash fashion show! Where can we find out more information about that?

  2. I suggest liking the Mary Jane's Closet page on Facebook for more info. :)